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Lessons learned from football

November 19, 2010

My husband grew up in a town that still has that quintessential small town feel to it.  Football reigns king in the fall and we go to a couple of games a year.  

There isn’t an empty seat in the stands.


And the fence that surrounds the field is ringed with what seems like the whole town.

After a win, the team heads to the top of “the Hill” and each player rings the school bell in celebration. 

Last Saturday, when the team played in the state quarter finals, the wind was biting and the temperature hovered in the low 40’s.  We arrived at the game over an hour before game time only to find the stands already full.  We staked out our place to stand and as I put my gloves on and cinched down my hood, I reminded my husband that we didn’t have a child in the high school, much less on the team and we were crazy for standing outside watching this game.  That’s what community spirit is about though – supporting these kids not just on the sunny, warm fall days, but also on the cold, blustery days.  The team lost the game that day but still felt the support of a whole town, turning out to cheer for them.

A life lesson there isn’t it?  Each of us needs to know we have fans in our lives, especially when the days aren’t sunny.

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  1. Klp permalink
    November 19, 2010 8:17 pm

    Liked your perspective, nice that so many people obviously share the feeling!

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