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Not for the faint of heart

December 2, 2010

I think everyone in middle America, growing up in the 60’s, had tuna casserole for dinner on a regular basis.  My mom certainly made one and I liked it well enough but, there wasn’t anything stand out about it.  Then, when I lived in Santa Clara, CA, a friend made tuna casserole for me that was good, crazy good.   

It was rich and creamy and cheesy with a crunchy top.  Heaven in a bite. 

I’ve always made this casserole without ever writing down the recipe.  Denial, I was in denial of the ingredients. 

Not just the standard cream of mushroom soup.  We’re talking cream soup, mayo and cheddar cheese.  

Please, do not eat this the day before you go to for any blood or cholesterol tests.  You’ve been warned.

Tuna Casserole
3 cups small shell pasta, uncooked
2 cans cream of mushroom soup (10 3/4 oz each)
2 cans albacore tuna, packed in water (7 oz each), drained
8 oz milk
1/4 cup mayonnaise
8 oz shredded sharp cheddar, separated
Preheat oven to 350°
Cook the shells in a medium pot until just under al dente.  They will finish cooking in the oven.  Drain and set aside.
In the same pot, combine the soup, tuna, milk, mayonnaise and 6 oz of the cheddar cheese.  Mix well, then add the drained pasta and stir to combine.  Spoon the mixture into a 3 quart casserole (mine is 2.8L Corning casserole).  Top with the remaining shredded cheddar and bake, uncovered, for one hour.  Let it set for about 10 minutes after you remove it from the oven.
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  1. Anne permalink
    December 7, 2010 9:19 pm

    Thanks again for posting this recipe. Jeff is completely addicted. With respects to your concern about calories, he added potato chips. I’m actually going to try not a “low cal” because that would be crazy, but a “less cal” version. Using reduced fat cheddar, olive oil mayo, 1 can of low fat soup keeping the other can for flavor. Will let you know if it retains the flavor 🙂

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