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A weekend morning to relax

June 13, 2011

When I was a kid, Sunday was the day for big breakfasts – sausage or bacon with eggs fried in the grease from the meat. There was nothing like the taste of those eggs, but I can’t imagine serving an egg fried in bacon grease today.  Plus, that kind of breakfast takes some time to get on the table – time I usually don’t have on the weekend mornings.   There’s always something pushing us out of the house whether it’s weekend chores and errands or the more enjoyable morning bike ride or run.  On the rare morning that I have the time to spend an hour waiting for breakfast to be done, this is a filling breakfast that gives you the satisfaction of eggs and hash brown potatoes, with nary a fat gram in sight.  Most of the hour is hands off, leaving you time to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the paper.

These cups come out of the oven all puffed up like souffles.  They’ll settle down a bit as they start to cool.  There are a lot of options you could mix in with the eggs – diced red peppers or tomatoes, sautéed spinach, artichoke hearts or maybe some goat cheese instead of the pepper jack.

Hash Brown and Egg Cups
9 cups

2 cups hash brown potatoes (Simply Potatoes)
1/4 cup grated onion
1/2 tsp salt, divided
1/4 tsp black pepper, divided
2 cups Egg Beaters
1 oz grated Pepper Jack cheese

Preheat oven to 375F and spray 9 muffin cups with non-stick spray.

Combine potatoes with grated onion, 1/4 tsp salt and a dash of pepper. Fill each muffin cup with scant 1/4 cup hash brown potato and onion mixture, then press up the sides of the cup to form a cup. Bake for 30-35 minutes until the edges are crispy.

While the potatoes are baking, combine the Egg Beaters with the remaining salt and pepper. When the potatoes are crispy, remove from the oven and fill with scant 1/4 cup of Egg Beaters. Top each with sprinkle of the Pepper Jack cheese. Return to the oven and bake for about 18 – 20 minutes, until the eggs are cooked through.

Remove from the oven, run a knife around the edges to loosen and remove from the pan immediately. You don’t want these to steam in the tins. Serve with your favorite fruits.

Nutrition Information:

Weight Watchers PointsPlus – 2 per cup

Calories – 73
Total Fat –  1 g
Saturated Fat –  < 1 g
Cholesterol –  2.8mg
Sodium – 161 mg
Total Carbohydrates – 7.6 g
Dietary Fiber – 2.1 g
Sugars – 0 g
Protein – 7 g

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  1. June 13, 2011 6:13 am

    What a great idea! Healthy and a time saver. I’m not going to lie…I still do occasionally make things in bacon grease!

    • June 13, 2011 2:44 pm

      Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. Although I don’t eat meat any more when ever I smell bacon frying, I’m taken right back to being a little girl.

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